VR Technology

A new dimension of experience

for everyone


Take a step into the world of virtual reality. Thanks to MODECOM VOLCANO BLAZE set, you will explore another level of experience. From now on you will look at the virtual world through the eyes of your character. The new world will become your own. The set will generate image sequences, which will be controlled by your head’s movements – full experience in 360 degrees, just like in reality.

MODECOM VOLCANO BLAZE involves also the sense of touch. Thanks to a Bluetooth remote controller, you will be able to control every move of your character. MODECOM VOLCANO BLAZE set consists of: goggles, the remote game controller, which warrants the interaction with the virtual world, and in-ear headphones.


the virtual world in 360 degrees

A new dimension

of fun

MODECOM VOLCANO BLAZE set will give you a new dimension of fun. Thanks to the goggles, you can experience new, unforgettable sensations in virtual reality. You just need a proper application in order to watch your favourite horror, sci-fi movie or comedy on your smartphone in 3D/VR technology.

A new dimension

of education

MODECOM VOLCANO BLAZE set is a product, which can be useful in education. Thanks to VR technology, you can easily discover hard-to-reach places all around the world. Explore luxuriant flora and fauna of deep seas as if you were there. See what eight-thousanders look like without leaving home.



Thanks to MODECOM VOLCANO BLAZE set, you can bring your business in a new dimension. You will make your customer service more attractive, sharing modern and interesting 360-degree presentations.


in your smartphone

VR/3D- material is displayed on the screen separately to the left and right eye of the viewer (stereoscopy). Thanks to this trick, you "delude" your brain. That is why, you can be pleased with VR-applications and 3D-movies without using expensive 3D-screens.

User-friendly installation

The use of MODECOM VOLCANO BLAZE set is easy and comfortable. Smartphone installation is user-friendly and intuitive, and takes only a few seconds.

Take control of your character’s moves

MODECOM VOLCANO BLAZE set includes the Bluetooth remote controller, which has two modes: the gamepad-mode to play games which are compatible with remote Bluetooth controllers, and the mode of the controller. The second mode is used to control wirelessly Android device’s various functions (e.g. turning the volume up/ down, activating the shutter or using the cursor).


and applications



 OpenDive3D Example

 Side-By-Side Video Player

 VR 3D Image Viewer

 Dive Launcher

 Dive Unity Demo

 Google Cardboard






 Dive Wings

 3D Virtual Reality FPS - Demo

 Asteroid VR - Virtual Reality

 Jet Sprint

 VR Run!


 Halls of Fear VR - Demo

 Virtual Reality Space Shooter




 Tuscany Dive

 Dive City Rollercoaster

 Ermont 360° VR

 Hang Gliding

 VR Combat Flight Demo

 VR MoonWalk

 VR Space Walk

 VR Spider

 Durovis Dive Volcano VR Demo

 Rajawali Virtual Reality Demo

 Dive_Bungee jump, Cardboard


 Cartoon Village



Games which are compatible with the Bluetooth controller

 Zombie Alien Hunter VR

 Battle 360 VR

 VR 3D Labyrinth for Cardboard

 Zombiestan VR



 Nighttime Terror VR Demo

 VR MoonWalk

 SpaceTerror VR

 VR Run!



 The Lost Dungeons VR

 Shadowgun VR

 Refugio 3D Space Station





MODECOM VOLCANO BLAZE is a product, which ensures maximum safety of your smartphone. A special anti-drop mechanism was applied in order to prevent accidental lid’s openings and thereby to protect the smartphone from dropping.

Suction cups

for secure storage

of your smartphone

Technology of suction cups was applied for maximum safety of your smartphone. Their structure warrants stable and secure position of the smartphone while using the device.






The googles are equipped with the ventilation system that provides airflow inside the device and prevents it from overheating



Independent fixing of each lens separately vertically and horizontally for the perfect adjustment.


The goggles are compatible with all smartphones which have built-in gyroscopes and screen sizes between 4.5’’ - 5.7’’.


Useful solutions

A special system of slots on both sides of the goggles allows you to bring out the wires (handset flex and power lead).

Touch the sound

MODECOM VOLCANO BLAZE set contains also in-ear headphones which are made of comfortable material. Thanks to them, you will hear every single sound coming from the game.




    Colour: black

    Compatibility: smartphones with screen sizes between 4.5’’ - 5.7’’

    Maximum size: 820mm x 154mm

    Requirements: smartphone with a gyroscope

    Material: ABS



    Colour: black

    Compatibility: smartphones with Android 4.4+

    Material: rubbery ABS

    Bluetooth: 3.0

    Working time: ~15h

    Accumulator: 3.7V 140 mAh

    Range: ~5-6m


    BOX dimensions: 23 x 13,5 x 19 cm

    Product dimensions: 18 x 12 x 13,2 cm




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